Gall Bladder & Bile Duct (CholangioCa) Cancer

There are two types of bile duct cancer:

  1. Resectable cancer – one that doctors believe can be removed completely via surgery.
  2. Unresectable Cancer – the cancer has spread too far or in an inoperable location.

Treatment for Resectable Cancer

Due to the cancer being resectable ( in a place where complete removal is possible ) , surgery can be performed to remove the cancer and stop its damage on the organs.

Ahead of the surgery a laparoscopy may be performed in order to make sure the cancer has not spread and turned into unresectable cancer( inoperable).

The type of surgery to be conducted then depends on size and location of the tumor.

Other treatments may include radiation and chemotherapy to first reduce the size and effect of the tumor making it more operable.

Treatment of Unresectable Cancer

Chemotherapy and radiation may be done first to reduce the cancer and make it removable via surgery.

In some cases a liver transplant may be the only possible solution, via the complete removal and replacement of the liver and bile duct.

In cases where surgery is entirely not possible, treatment is focused toward reducing the growth and shrinking the cancer.

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