Non Surgical Management Of Liver Tumors

What is Non surgical management of Liver tumors

We also offer non surgical option for liver tumors like radio-frequency ablation, trans-arterial chemoembolization, radioactive micro-sphere injections etc. Again such procedures are offered as and when indicated and as per the decision of Our multidisciplinary team comprising of liver surgeon, gastroenterologist, oncologist, interventional radiologist, radiotherapist and anesthesiologist. These procedures can not be performed for every disease and whenever indicated are boon for that set of patients. Such procedures offer least pain, may be curative in some patients, don’t need prolonged hospitalization, has faster recovery and is without and scar or sutures. Such non-surgical procedures include radiofrequency ablation (RFA), microwave ablation (MWA), Trans arterial chemoembolization (TACE), Trans arterial radio embolization (TARE).

Radio frequency ablation (RFA) and Microwave ablation are the procedures to kill cancer cells by heating them to very high temperatures. This is done by use some wires which are inserted in the liver cancer lesions with help of USG and then generator produces the required temperature to kill the desired area. Such desired are also include some adjacent normal part of the liver. Liver ablation methods can be used individually when lesions are limited in number and size. However, these can be combined along with liver resection, when lesions are multiple and scatterered in multiple lobes of the liver. Either of these does not fit in all patients, treatment plan need to be individualized. The final plan, expected result and duration of procedure is explained after through assessment.

Trans arterial embolization (TACE) is the procedure in which the blood supply (hepatic artery) of the cancerous side of the liver is blocked and chemotherapy agents are delivered along with it. This mechanism allows the chemotherapy medication to give a better result and tumor shrinks in size. Such procedure can be done alone for larger size liver tumors, and can also be combined with ablative therapies. Such procedure can be done to reduce liver tumor size, to make advanced large tunmor emmenable to surgery, which might not be possible earlier due to large tumor and small healthy liver.

Trans arterial radio embolization (TARE) is the procedure in which small spheres are deliverd in the liver blood vessels, which selectively affects the liver tumors. Such procedure is indicated in multiple liver tumors, in case of portal vein thrombosis and portal vein tumor thrombus.

Radiation Therapy uses radiation beams of high energy to destroy the cancer cells. Usually such radiation therapy is delivered by external beam radiation in case of liver tumors.

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