Living Donor Liver Transplant

What Is Living Donor Transplant?

The liver transplant is done by taking only a part of the liver from the body of a healthy donor and is transplanted into the body of the patient. It is a completely secure process and both the donor, and the recipient are safe. The liver is a regenerative organ, attains complete size and volume after few months.

Preliminary results with adult-to-adult living donor liver transplantation, in which either a full right side or full left side of the liver from a healthy adult is transplanted into another adult, are also very encouraging.

It is important to note that only those people with irreversible liver failure, for whom all other medical or surgical treatments have failed, qualify as candidates for a liver transplant. The prevalence of the hepatitis C virus, which can lead to irreversible liver damage, along with the chronic shortage of deceased donors has resulted in long wait for those in need of a transplant.

Advantages Of Living Liver Donation

Living liver organ donation provides those waiting for liver transplantation with many advantages over deceased organ donation.

Shortened waiting times: The length of time it takes for an organ to become available is significantly reduced when the organ comes from a living donor versus a deceased donor. Depending on their condition, diagnosis, status, blood type, and size, patients can be on the waiting list for months or even years. Many patients will die while waiting for a deceased donor organ. Should a relative or loved one meet the criteria for living liver donation, the wait time and risk of death while on the waiting list can be reduced.

Healthier donor organ: Living donors tend to be young, healthy adults who have undergone a thorough medical evaluation. As a result, the liver from a living donor is usually healthier than a liver from a deceased donor.

Surgery can be scheduled electively: With living donor liver transplantation, it is possible for the recipient to have surgery earlier. This increases the chances for a quicker recovery.

A feeling of satisfaction: For a living donor, knowing that he or she has contributed to the improved health of another individual is a very positive psychological experience.

Who Can Donate Liver For Transplant In India?

You can receive a liver from either a deceased donor or a living donor. The cost of liver transplant in India for both cases would depend on your unique situation. The following points shall help you to better understand both the options:

Living Liver donor: This can be your family member or a close friend who has a compatible blood type and approximately matches your liver size. The donor shall donate a part of their liver in such a scenario. However, they do not have to face any permanent loss, as the liver of a healthy donor can be expected to grow back to its normal size within 6-8 weeks.

Cadaver or deceased donor: In such a scenario, the liver from a deceased individual is transplanted into your body. If you are suffering from acute liver disease, then you shall need a complete liver transplant, which can be sourced only from a deceased donor.